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Services for This Month

9.45am: 'All-age' Service
11.00am: 'Traditional' Service
(G): Service at Gladsmuir

All services are at Longniddry Parish Church unless otherwise stated
2nd April - Maundy Thursday
12 pm: Thursday Thought & Communion
7pm: Rev Robin Hill 7 Rev Dan Harper (G)
3rd April - Good Friday
11am: Rev Dan Harper & Rev Robin Hill
4th April - Easter Eve Vigil
7pm: Rev Robin Hill, Rev Joanne Evans-Boiten & Rev Dan Harper
5th April
8am: Outcoor Communion followed by breakfast
9.45am: Rev Dan Harper & Rev Robin Hill
11am: Rev Dan Harper & Rev Robin Hill (G) (Communion)
12th April
9.45am: Rev Dan Harper
11am: Rev Dan Harper (G)
19th April
9.45am: Rev Robin Hill & Rev Dan Harper
11am: Rev Robin Hill & Rev Dan Harper (G)
26th April
9.45am: Rev Robin Hill
11am: Rev Robin Hill (G)
4.30pm: Longniddry Messy Church
6.30pm: Easter Praise Night (G)

Welcome to Our Website

Our Church is proud to be a public place of worship. Our doors are open for many acts of worship, weekly and monthly, as well as being home to lots of other groups (both church and non-church). Please join us at sometime - you, your family and your guests are very welcome indeed.

Through the Year with Robin...

The days leading up to Easter are challenging. On Palm Sunday we see Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, showing the powers that be his contempt for Romeís cruel misrule. That sets the tone for what is to come: confrontation in the Temple, plotting all around, betrayal, arrest, torture and death. And through it all, we might well wonder what itís all about.

The lesson of Holy Week, I believe, is to remind us of Godís real presence in a world of deep hatred and fear. Jesus pointed to the inclusive Kingdom of God as a rival to the Empire of Caesar. He went further, telling people that they should follow in his way of love and justice Ė not just for some but for all. As a result, he became a marked man on a one-way journey to a Roman Cross.

That may be challenging enough, but the outcome of his lonely journey to death was to shake the world ís religious and social structures for centuries to come, for on Easter Day, all the old presuppositions were swept away by the unstoppable Love of God. The victory of Easter is seen in the Resurrection, attested to by the early Church and felt today through Godís presence in the Holy Spirit in the Church and the world. Our heads might struggle to take in the message of the gospels, yet our hearts can leap at the prospect of Godís Love for all shown at an empty tomb in the early light of dawn.

Yes, those days leading up to Easter are challenging. But the journey is of priceless value.

Robin Hill

Can't get to the services...?

We have recently started recording some of the Church services - usually the first one of the month. If you can't get to Church on a Sunday, and would like copies of the recordings, please get in touch.

The Young Church

Longniddry Church has two groups aimed at our varied age groups of young people: Sunday Club if you're between 3 - 11 and creche for anyone under 3. New members are always welcome so please just come along at the first service (9.45am) and see what we have to offer. And.... watch out for Messy Church!

We are always in need of extra helpers (and it doesn't have to be every week!!) If you would like to volunteer to help with a group, please contact Kerry Reilly (853201) or email Messy Church

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